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BY Yiota Triantafyllou beauty-and-personal-care

Tips for young looking eyes

You can turn back the clock just by taking care of the skin around your eyes. Here’s how. Hydrating Hydrating eye products are a popular category of creams and gels and will address any dehydration or fine lines around your eyes. They’re a good choice for those who want...

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Choosing your massage therapist

Choosing a massage therapist is like choosing any other health care professional. You want someone who is credible and who has a high level of knowledge and competency. A fully qualified massage therapist should have completed an Accredited Massage Therapy Course, and be registered with an Australian Professional Association such as...

BY Yiota Triantafyllou all-about-pregnancy , in-home-massage

The benefits of pregnancy massage

It’s beautiful – a stage in the life of most women that redefines them, changing their purpose to giver of life and guardian. Pregnancy is not only the act of carrying another life inside you for nine months, but also the fulfillment of a purpose. However, as rewarding an...

BY Yiota Triantafyllou corporate-massage

Increasing Employee Productivity with Corporate Massage

The name Corporate Massage is pretty self-explanatory. However the practice behind it is one you may have heard of, but not experienced just yet. It is based on a technique called “Amna” which is widely practised by the Japanese and has its roots in China. More recently, however, it has made...

BY Yiota Triantafyllou beauty-and-personal-care

Wrinkles & how to prevent them

Wrinkles are every woman’s worst enemy. Those horrible lines that criss-cross our faces may tell the story of our past but they also reveal just how much past we have! However, there are ways to combat wrinkles that don’t involve a trip to the plastic surgeon or the age-old...

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