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Are you a Disability/Aged Care Provider looking to partner with a professional & reliable company?

We offer in home massage & beauty treatments to the elderly & disabled citizens, helping improve their mobility and quality of life.

Sydney Mobile Therapies is a leading provider of in home care for the elderly and for individuals with disabilities. We offer a range of mobile massage and beauty therapy treatments designed to relieve the symptoms of limited mobility and improve your clients’ quality of life. We offer specialised massage therapy for the elderly and disabled, as well as beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures, nail clipping, waxing and facial treatments.

Our services cover all of Sydney Metro and we can design a schedule that works around your client’s needs. After an initial assessment, we will give a recommendation. This will include how often we suggest the types and how often a treatment is given. We do prefer consecutive weekly sessions, but this depends on the client’s requirements and if they are undergoing other treatments.

As we take our patients’ health seriously, we may ask for a letter from the client’s family doctor or your preferred doctor. This is to ensure that any massage for seniors and individuals with disabilities or ailments we are consulting on, does not in any way conflict or interfere with therapies, medications or treatments the client may be receiving.

Our in-home services offer flexible solutions for elderly and individuals that are disabled, physically impaired, home-bound or bedridden. Our therapists will work around your schedule to make our visits are convenient for both the patient and therapist.

Sydney Mobile Therapies adheres to the Public Health Act 2010 Schedule 3 code of conduct for health practitioners. Download a copy of the act to learn more.

Questions about our aged care and disability services? 

Our friendly and committed team will be happy to answer your questions, simply call 1300 967 664 and speak to us about your requirements.

If you are a Care Provider, rest assured you will be partnering with a reliable and flexible company. We are happy to accommodate the individual needs of your clients and happy to arrange suitable payment options, designed to fit your payment cycles. This helps limited mobility patients access the benefits of mobile massage and beauty without the burden of up front payments.

If you are a carer, an Individual with a disability, or a Senior citizen, please visit our mobile massage for the elderly, or our disability mobile massage pages.

Reasons to partner with Sydney Mobile Therapies:

Key points for Disability & Aged Care providers: 

  • We have enormous experience in looking after seniors and clients with disabilities and we are able to offer a range of services from massage to beauty services!
  • As mobility is a key concern for both seniors and disabled individuals, our home care services include tailored massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, nail clipping, waxing, tinting and facials.
  • We are contracted with a number of Aged Care and Disability Providers, and our services can be offered as part of your clients’ care package.
  • Carefully selected therapists for their professional and ethical standards
  • Please note: we can only provide services under NDIS if the client has a self funded package.

Our therapists selection process:

  • Rigorous and thorough check of our therapists consists of:
  • Interpersonal skills screening
  • Qualifications, reference and insurance checks,
  • Police checks when applicable.
  • Face to face interview,
  • Practical demonstration of the therapist’s skills
  • Probation period & assessment before engaging in home care

All documentation is readily available

  • We provide police clearance certificates,
  • Workers compensation,
  • Copies of our indemnity insurances,
  • Business registration certificate,
  • We are registered for GST and
  • We can provide quarterly statements upon request.
  • Reference letters can be provided from our current major age care and disability partners.
  • Please note: We will arrange for all the above documents to be provided upon request, subject to presentation of a contract, or a draft agreement from your organisation.

Flexible & accommodating solutions

  • You can re-book your favourite therapists
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly options available
  • We bring everything to you – massage table if applicable, towels, relaxing music.
  • Easy and reliable service that you can trust
  • Flexible payment options for Organisations (We can accommodate fortnightly or monthly payment cycle)
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