Pamper Parties Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms & conditions are specific to our pamper parties services. If you would like to read our terms & conditions regarding individual treatments, please visit this page.

– Sydney Mobile Therapies will make every effort to ensure that each pamper party booking is completed in its entirety. In the event that this does not happen due to a therapist being sick or unwell, other therapists might be able to conduct the remaining treatments (if they available to extend the party) or the uncompleted part of the booking will be refunded.
– If a therapist cannot attend a booking, we will make every effort to find a replacement therapist.
– Sydney Mobile Therapies shall not be liable to the client for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Client or the Therapist. This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which takes place during the event on the part of the Therapist or the client.
– Our Therapists are self-insured and the client acknowledges that Sydney Mobile Therapies charges are set on the basis that it has no such liability.

– Our therapists may refuse treatments to any client deemed to be behaving inappropriately or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with no refund.
– Our therapists are not responsible for any allergic reactions if consent has been given for the respective treatment or allergies were not declared.
– Our therapists have the right to charge for any delays caused by the host or guests, resulting in a delay of more than 15 minutes from the agreed treatment schedule. The amount of $15 for every 15 minute delay should be paid by cash directly to the therapist providing treatments.

The Client/Hostess
– You might be asked to provide standard tables, chairs and water refreshments for the therapists.
– Please ensure that there is adequate room for the treatments to take place (we will advice you the size we need)
– For maximum benefits for your guests, please ensure that the area where the treatments take place is smoke free.
– Ensure that all your guests signed the appropriate consent documentation prior to receiving any treatments.
– Your guests should not consume more than 2 glasses of alcohol before their treatments. If someone is intoxicated, their therapists might refuse performing their treatments.
– Please ensure your guests arrive 30mins before their pre-scheduled treatments. Your therapists will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness but Sydney Mobile Therapies will have no liability for any loss of treatment time.
– Ensure that pets and small children will be kept away from all products and equipment to prevent accident or injury.

Bookings & Cancellations
1. To book for a pamper party, we initially require a deposit of $100 for up to 15 guests, $150 for up to 20 guests, and $200 for 20+ guests. The deposit is non-refundable, unless 7 days notice or more is given, in which case you will receive 50% refund of your deposit.
2. The remaining amount should be paid 7 days before the day of your booking unless prior arrangements have been made.
3. We understand that plans change, however as your therapists have been especially reserved for you and we have worked really hard to organise your party, the following rules apply:
– The client may cancel a booking at anytime but will forfeit all booking deposits
– Cancellations between 7 and 4 days prior to the event will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the balance outstanding.
– Cancellations between 3 and 0 days prior to the event will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the balance outstanding.

Fees & Payments
– All fees will be pre-paid to Sydney Mobile Therapies before the party unless prior alternative arrangements have been made.
– Fees include the agreed price per guest for carrying out the treatments, an agreed travel fee if you are located outside the areas that we service, parking fees in areas with limited or no street parking such as Sydney CBD. (We can not quote the parking fee prior to the party because we are not familiar with the pricing structure of each parking company).

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