Employee Rewards & Staff Incentive Programs Explained.

Choosing Employee Incentives that really work for your business
The people who work for you will always play a monumental role in your success, regardless of what business you’re in. The value of a dedicated team of highly motivated, productive employees cannot be discounted. Unfortunately, many companies are not operating on the same principle and as a result, are experiencing high employee turnover rates or, simply, low productivity levels. And even some companies who do provide incentives sometimes still encounter problems because they simply choose incentives that don’t work. The main challenge here is, what kind of incentives will really work?

Why cash incentives just won’t cut it
A good number of companies use sales incentive programs that revolve around cash rewards. Surely, employees get motivated by the lure of extra cash. But according to research, employees in fact feel more rewarded by real, memorable experiences that can give them longer lasting value than cash. While cash does motivate, employees find that they take little value from it as the cash they worked hard to earn simply disappears as they pay bills and provide for their necessities. In other words, cash is a necessity, and even when it is given as an incentive, it does not feel like a reward most of the time.

What’s wrong with gifting training programs
Some companies also offer special training and classes as a reward for their employees. Again, employees will not always feel rewarded by such offers. Training programs and classes no matter what they are, will make employees feel obliged to learn more and to do more. This will also make them feel like more is actually expected from them.

How can Sydney Mobile Therapies help?
This is where our corporate wellness & incentives programs come in. Using our corporate massage and beauty therapy services in conjunction with our Employee Rewards Program, your organisation will have the necessary tools that lead to happier, more productive employees. By offering our upmarket mobile massages, mobile spa treatments, and pamper parties to your employees as rewards, you can provide them with a real treat that they will appreciate and benefit greatly from. Our treatments and packages are a memorable experience and something to look forward to.

How employee rewards will benefit your organisation

Enhance Sales

Watch your sales figures increase by keeping your employees happy, well-motivated, and pampered through staff incentives that really make a difference to them.

  • We offer rewards for sales teams
  • Individual performance-based rewards

Elicit Responce

Drive actual responses and turn intention into action by offering employee rewards and prizes for the desired behaviour.

  • Raffle draws
  • Performance-based competitions
  • Corporate giveaways

Add Excitement

Keep your employees not just motivated but also genuinely excited about your sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Incorporate your rewards program into your sales program
  • Encourage sharing about experiences

Give Gifts That Count

Give your employees gifts to let them know they’re appreciated, and make sure the gifts are those that do count.

  • Performance rewards
  • Special recognition
  • Team experiences
  • Corporate milestones
  • Christmas gifts

Here is some ideas how you can use the power of employee incentives in your organisation:


Team Rewards & Incentives

Evoke team loyalty and cooperation through our Bulk Gift Certificates which you can purchase and email, or print and personally deliver to your valued employees.


Staff Recognition Program

Show appreciation to individual employees with our Instant Online Gift Certificates, by giving gifts on special occasions such as birthdays & Christmas


Staff Performance Rewards

Reward individual performance with performance-based rewards. Choose which services you wish to reward your employees with and purchase instantly online!

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