The benefits of pregnancy massage

It’s beautiful – a stage in the life of most women that redefines them, changing their purpose to giver of life and guardian. Pregnancy is not only the act of carrying another life inside you for nine months, but also the fulfillment of a purpose. However, as rewarding an experience as it no doubt is, it has to be said that it is also physically and emotionally taxing.

One of the most prominent aspects of pregnancy is the physical changes that occur, and the resulting physical duress. The joints, organs and muscles are put under increased strain – the body has to compensate for two lives now and therefore increases the appetite and blood volume. Those who have been pregnant before will testify to the extra strain felt in the muscles and the resulting discomforts. And, not to mention, the frequent mood swings that occur as a result of varying hormone levels that also bring about additional physical symptoms including nausea, constipation, fatigue, etc. So what should you do? How do you make pregnancy a period dotted with more good moments than bad?

Prenatal Pregnancy Massage
Yes, the solution lies in pregnancy massage, a special massage technique that seeks comfort the mum-to-be and dissipate as much of the associated discomfort. It relies not only on a soft, gentle touch but also on a fair measure of communication between you and your therapist to ensure that those problem regions are targeted effectively.

An added benefit of a pregnancy massage is the fact that it stimulates the joints, thereby increasing mum’s mobility, correcting the posture and passively contributing to a smooth delivery when the time comes by strengthening certain muscles through stimulation.

When Should I Start?
Pregnancy Massage is recommended when you reach the second trimester. However take care to ask your therapist about exercises that will help you increase your muscular capacity that you can do on your own. This will help your muscles cope with the added weight and also help you maintain a good posture, essential to future mums. In addition to the muscular exercises, your therapist should also advise you on a number of beneficial breathing techniques to add to your relaxation and increase the circulation of oxygen through your body.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?
Pregnancy massage therapy should be accompanied by regular visits to your local health care expert, in the same measure as you would have done without this beneficial treatment. This is to ensure the continual health of you and your baby. You’ll also want to ensure that your therapist is both certified and skilled enough to ensure that all your physical and emotional requirements are met. In the event of discomforts experienced during the massage, such as pain, fever, nausea and fluid discharge, your therapist should stop the session.

Once it all feels right simply lie down, relax and enjoy an experience beneficial to you and your baby.

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