Increasing Employee Productivity with Corporate Massage

The name Corporate Massage is pretty self-explanatory. However the practice behind it is one you may have heard of, but not experienced just yet. It is based on a technique called “Amna” which is widely practised by the Japanese and has its roots in China. More recently, however, it has made its way to the West, more specifically Silicone Valley in the United States. From there it blossomed outward and is rapidly gaining ground in the corporate arena; not only does it destress the body, but it also refreshes the mind in a period of time shorter than the average lunch break.

What to Expect From a Corporate Massage
If you’re thinking employees walking around in towels awaiting their turn on the massage table, then you might want to revise that mental picture. The corporate massage is a bit more formal than that, allowing employees to take to a specially designed chair, while still dressed to the nines.

The point of this massage is to increase energy circulation throughout the body by stimulating blood flow, improving the function of the nervous system and stimulating muscular activity – all within a time span between 5 and 15 minutes. This is done without the use of any essential oils or creams and is solely based on the technique of the message therapist which involves the targeting of more than 100 different pressure points on the body with the use of hands and elbows. Pretty impressive, right?

But there’s a bit more to it than that: the modus operandi of amna seeks to first eliminate any built up tension that usually accumulates in the upper body. After that, the trained therapist will systematically affect the right amount of pressure on the mentioned pressure points, thereby producing results that are beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

The Corporate Massage Benefit
Studies relating the detriment of stress, not only on the individual but on his or her performance, are plenty. You read about it in the newspaper and you hear about it from friends and see it on the television. And if all else fails, you yourself know what it feels like to be totally run down by stress, wishing for your little island in the sun away from the hectic demands of modern civilisation.

The benefits of the corporate massage are multifarious – not only for the employee, but for the employer and/or the company as a whole. Healthy, relaxed employees make for happier employees. And when employees are happy, as we all know, they tend to work harder and up the level of productivity.

From the employee’s point of view, a corporate massage will not only allow them to recharge for the next onslaught of the in tray, but provide them with effective treatment for a number of conditions that include sciatica, arthritis, lower back pain, a tennis elbow and many, many more. In fact, a corporate massage effectively reduces the amount of sick leave taken.

Most important, however, is the obvious fact that, by looking after your employees, you’re not only showing your interest in their well-being, but that you are investing in the productivity of your company. And if that doesn’t up your chances for a promotion, nothing else will.

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