Booking your treatment
Before you make your booking it is a good idea to go through our menu offerings, read our Frequently Asked Questions section and decide on the type and duration of your treatment. You can then book online with our live booking system or use our contact us form.
Please note that full payment for your treatment will be taken by credit card at the time of booking.

Setting up the room
We recommend a private room in your home or office with enough space for the massage bed and any necessary equipment. You may also be asked to supply a chair. You will get the most out of your treatment if you are comfortable and not disturbed.

Massage equipment
Set-up only takes a few minutes and your therapist will provide all the equipment required.

Mobile phones 
Please note that all phones must be turned off during treatment.

What should I wear?
You can wear what you normally would. You will have the privacy of the room or your own home to change in. Lower undergarments, a sport top and shorts may be worn – whatever you’re most comfortable with. If you need to undress for a treatment, the therapist will leave the room and will return when you are draped, but you should have your underwear on during the treatment. It is also good for jewellery to be removed.

After the treatment
You will have the opportunity to discuss concerns regarding your treatment. Your therapist may prescribe a treatment plan for future visits to help you maintain the positive effects of your treatments. This may include an exercise plan with lifestyle enhancements.

Code of conduct & Language
It is important that therapist and client should establish and maintain a professional relationship based on mutual respect. Our therapists are trained professionals and we do not provide adult services. Under no circumstances should a client use foul language, intimidate, threaten, make unreasonable or unethical requests to the therapist. We reserve the right to leave your premises in case of any of the above incidents

Sydney Mobile Therapies maintains the highest privacy standards. None of your personal details will be available to any third party. Our therapists are professionals and adhere to the highest ethical standards. They will ensure your complete comfort and privacy during and after your treatment.

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