Sydney Mobile Therapies is a leader in specialised aged care massage therapy complimented by our beauty therapy services. Our specialised services are aiming to help seniors suffering from aliments restricting their freedom of movement. Massage therapy helps ease everyday stress and will relax the body. Our aged care massage holds therapeutic advantages that can help seniors and sufferers of various ailments. It is proven that specialised massage for people with limited mobility helps promote a better all-around well-being, both physical and emotional. Our in home massage for seniors as well as our disability massage techniques are specially designed to improve on muscles’ tone, mobility and range of motion in patients that are bedridden, or wheelchair-bound.

Aged Care beauty therapy services

Sydney Mobile Therapies is a leader in beauty therapy services for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. It is actually a very common request as our in-home beauty therapy services offer a much needed solution to individuals that due to a disability or simply because of ageing, they can not make regular visits to the beauty salon.

You can enjoy our specialised mobile beauty therapy treatments and packages as often as needed or required. We can make visits on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Services can include but not limited to Manicures, Pedicures or just Nail clipping, Waxing, Tinting and Facial treatments. We are happy to visit our clients at their homes or at retirement and nursing homes.

Our friendly team can help with any questions, concerns or information. We are always happy to discuss massage & beauty therapy options that are flexible and designed to suit the needs of the elderly.

Have questions about our aged care massage & beauty?

If you are a Carer, new to the concept of a specialised aged care massage therapy for seniors and limited mobility individuals, our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions. We are happy to work around your needs making our visits convenient for both the patient and therapist. Please visit our seniors massage & beauty therapy page to learn more about our aged care services.

If you are an Aged Care Provider, please visit our information for aged care providers page. 

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How can massage therapy benefit the elderly?

“Massage can help seniors in countless ways, and the benefits are both physical and emotional.”

Lymphatic system
Massage is known to increase tissue fluid. This, in turn, helps the lymphatic system circulation. It not only reduces swelling, but also gives the immune system a boost. It also helps to drain away various toxins and waste products.

Cardio Vascular system
The heart has less strain put on it due to increased circulation. It also helps to lower blood pressure, slow down the pulse rate and pump more oxygen through the blood.

Digestive system
Massage has many benefits to the digestive system such as helping with constipation by peristalsis stimulation.
It can help with stomach spasms and cramping as well as stimulate the digestion process.

Nervous system
As massage has a soothing, relaxing effect on the body, it can help restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. It helps with the relief of nerve entrapments, and it also has a calming effect for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Endocrine system
Massage can help improve metabolism, helps steady the flow of fluids through the kidneys allowing for better excretion of fluids.

Respiratory system
Massage helps with the oxygen flow through the body. Because of those beneficial properties, it can help to normalize a person’s breathing from mild bouts of asthma, hyperventilation and panic attacks.

Circulatory system
As massage penetrates and manipulates soft tissues, it increases nutrition to the tissue. This causes the blood vessels to dilate and increase blood/circulations. This also encourages tissue healing for tired and damaged muscles.

Skeletal system
Massage encourages better blood flow and nutrients to our joints. Improved muscle conditions help with good bone health and body posture. As it can decrease inflammation, massage can increase the range of motion. It also helps our bones by encouraging them to retain certain nutrients such as phosphorous and fiber. It also breaks down scar tissue and releases knots.

Massage can help soothe and alleviate tired, aching muscles as well as increase muscle tone for those with limited motion capabilities. Helps with the supply of nutrients for better-nourished muscle. Relieves muscle pain, spasms, tension, inflammation and helps with the relaxation and elongation of muscles.

Massage has been known to help with dry skin by increasing the sebum production, the skin’s natural oils. This helps with moisturizing and firming of the skin.
As massage encourages blood flow it manipulates the dilation of the skin’s surface capillaries to improve on its color and resilience. It can also help to reduce scar tissue after surgery.

Massage increases both serotonin and dopamine in the body which helps with depression and anxiety. As it relieves tension it reduces levels of stress and brings the body back down into a calm relaxed state. It can decrease PMS symptoms and relieve anger as it improves a person’s mood.

The above are just an example of the multiple benefits of aged care massage for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Try for yourself today and enjoy the benefits!

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