Tips for young looking eyes

You can turn back the clock just by taking care of the skin around your eyes. Here’s how.

Hydrating eye products are a popular category of creams and gels and will address any dehydration or fine lines around your eyes. They’re a good choice for those who want to use an eye cream but don’t have specific issues such as dark circles or puffiness to address. A good eye cream will feel light when applied and will moisturise, hydrate and absorb effectively without leaving a shiny residue.

Dark circles and shadows
Even the most potent eye creams do little to combat the look of dark circles under the eyes. Instead, your best weapon is concealer. If the shadows have a bluish tinge, use a yellow-based concealer to neutralise the colour. Apply your concealer after your foundation using a gentle dabbing motion.

Tired eyes
A late night followed by an early start equals puffiness or bags around the eyes that can be hard to reduce. The puffiness is actually a build-up of excess fluid, and cooling the area using eye pads or masks is often the best way to soothe the area. Cool your eye pads in the fridge and follow with a hydrating spritz of rose water to calm the area.

Don’t forget the icing on the cake! Tody, groomed brows will add some polish to your look and, if they’re properly shaped (with the arch directly over the outside edge of your pupil) they can give you an instant eyelift.

Last and not least, do not forget to book regular facials with a reputable company that only use high quality skin care in their facial treatments

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