What can Corporate Massage do for your Business?

Bringing a wellness resource into the workplace such as Corporate Massage, Office Massage or Seated Massage can increase staff productivity, add zest to your conferences, and be utilised as a clever marketing tool. Corporate massage is simply the introduction of massage treatments into a business environment. There are multiple ways to use Corporate massage and Office massage in your business. Here are some excellent suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Improves employee satisfaction
  • Enhances organisation performance
  • Promotes team building & employee loyalty
  • Excellent as a Staff Wellness & Incentives Program,
  • Ideal for Business meetings & Corporate Parties,
  • Major Attraction for Conventions and Trade Shows,
  • Fun and Exciting for Demonstrations and Grand Openings,
  • Invaluable for Promotions & Product Launches

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Office Massage as Staff Wellness Program & Incentives
Helping your staff combat and manage stress has been proven to be an effective tool to increase productivity. A seated massage provides a pleasant zoning-out break in their day, even if it’s for 5 minutes, and re-energises and refocuses employee work-ethic. If they’re suffering from a block in ideas, they may find that taking this step away from their work will let the ideas flow again.
Your intentions of looking after your staff members will be felt across the board and will increase morale. Not to mention, it will cause a thrill of excitement and your staff will look forward to going to work on the day they receive a massage! Use it as a staff-reward system, or simply as a special treat. You’ll be glad to know that we offer very affordable rates for businesses, making regular sessions a possibility for your company. Using a reputable business like Sydney Mobile Therapies gives you peace of mind knowing that our massage therapists are hand-picked and that your staff is getting the most out of an office massage wellness program!

Conference Massage
A relaxing interlude to an important meeting can take the high pressured edge off. Delegates will return to the board room feeling refocused and may have even come up with a few ideas! Now it is possible to bring qualified massage therapists to the office meetings, conferences, or events. It may serve as a light-hearted (yet deeply appreciated) introduction. Clientele and colleagues alike will develop an appreciation for the company’s hands-on approach to their functioning and general well-being.
How it works:  A cosy ergonomic chair or table is used in the massage. Typically, the client’s back, face, neck, shoulders, and skull will be massaged using special massage techniques designed to provide maximum benefit within a short session. Sessions may be appropriated for your conference needs, lasting from as little as 5 to 15 minutes, and extending to a regular 45 minutes.

At an event in which you are planning to do a PR for the company, there’s nothing like trying a stunt that’s outside the box. Inviting potential clients to have a massage will impress, break the ice; ease them into conversation. They will remember your brand above others due to your innovative approach, and in future they will associate your company’s name with a regard to being looked after.

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