Booking a pamper party

To book for a Sydney Mobile Therapies pamper party, please follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Choose a date and confirm availability with us by filling out our contact us form
2. Once you receive a confirmation from us, reserve your date by paying a deposit to our PayPal account.
3. Send out invitations to your guests with our “pamper parties packages” list so everyone can choose their treatments in advance
4. Fill out our “Pamper Parties treatment selection” form and email it back to us at least 2 weeks prior to the party and pay the remaining balance (we will email you an invoice with the balance)
5. And now, sit back, relax and enjoy your party!

Before and during a pamper party
Please find below some tips to help you create a stress free pamper party:

Creating an atmosphere
It depends what theme you would like to create, if it is bliss and relaxation then we recommend soothing music and some scented candles to help you and your friends truly relax. We also suggest you to have a separate tidy room for the treatments to take place, away from the main area as some of your friends might want some privacy during their treatment.

It is advisable that your home is at a comfortable temperature and there is adequate seating for your guests.

Arrival time
We highly recommend you inform your guests to arrive at least 30mins before any treatments begin, that way everyone gets the chance to relax.

How many people can I invite?
You can have as many guests you can comfortably accommodate in your home.

Drinks & Nibbles
We recommend you provide some drinks (alcoholic or non alcoholic) and some light nibbles for your guests. After all we don’t want you to stress out on your pampering day!

Additional information

Areas that we service
We can pamper most of Sydney Metropolitan area. It is possible to service areas outside Sydney Metro, but please check with us to confirm.

Length of the party
A typical pamper party can last between 3 – 4 hours, depending on the number of guests and the commencing time of your party.

How many therapists 
That depends on how many guests you are planning to have, the length of their treatments and how many hours you would like the party to last. As a general rule, we provide one therapist for every 2-3 hours worth of treatments. It may be possible to have more therapists, so if you have specific requirements we are happy to discuss it with you.

Extra charges 
A small travel fee may apply in certain areas outside Sydney Metropolitan area. If you are unsure, please check with us before booking your party. In areas with limited street parking we may have no alternative but to use a pay parking facility to attend to your appointment. You will be charged for the parking fee.

Age restrictions 
For children under 16 yrs old, parents or guardians will need to complete our “Under 16yrs treatment consent” form

Providing equipment
We have our own equipment to minimise any inconvenience. The therapists may require some hot water or chairs, depending on the treatments.

Size of the rooms
If you choose massages or facials, then the therapists will need enough room to put up massage beds.

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed (in case your guests have chosen to have a body massage). Of course you can even wear your own bathrobes!

Guests & Pregnancy
Please make sure you inform us if you have guests that are pregnant, especially in the first trimester due to contraindications. We may recommend alternative treatments.

Currently we do not provide catering arrangements.

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