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Hi everyone, i am back with a new blog post. Today i will give you some tips how to maintain a more youthful, healthy looking skin the natural way!

The skin is your body’s largest organ – and the most telling. When you’re tired, stressed, anxious or worried chances are it will show up on your skin. Red cheeks, frown lines and an irritated scalp are all tell-tale signs something isn’t right.

Worry = frown lines.
If you frown when you’re worried those lines on your forehead will eventually become permanent. Try applying a concentrated wrinkle cream to the area daily. Look for ones with ingredients such as collagen or silicone that will plump and smooth lines instantly.

Anxiety = dandruff
An irritated scalp is one of the most common signs of anxiety. Look for shampoos and conditioners designed for sensitive scalps but also containing calming ingredients such as chamomile. This is often a recurring problem so keep a special shampoo handy in the bathroom and only use when symptoms flare up to prevent your skin becoming accustomed to the active ingredients.

Stress = inflamed cheeks
Rosacea is a common condition that occurs when blood vessels in the cheeks expand. There is no reason why some people are more prone to this condition and triggers can differ greatly but stress is a common one. A cold compress applied directly to the cheeks will constrict the blood vessels while cooling cleansers and moisturisers can also help calm the skin and soothe away any redness.

Tired = dark circles
Dark circles are the most obvious sign of lack of sleep. Cold teabags, cucumber slices or a cold compress will reduce puffiness but the dark circles will require a specialist eye cream to treat. Apply eye cream using your ring finger and a light tapping motion.

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Stay tuned, there is more to come xx

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