Singing Bowls

The first time i heard the sweet healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowl I found myself mesmerised. The sound was just magical, as the undertones transformed into rippling overtones and I felt the vibrations rippling through my body. This experience allowed me to learn more about the Tibetan/ Himalayan singing bowls and their healing properties. My interest lead to research about the same subject. Finally I decided the best Tibetan bowls I could afford and start training with one of the best vibration healers in Australia.

So, I started to study the history of its healing properties and all the techniques used by the best known healers. Being a good student, I studied and practiced for countless hours, and as we all know, practice makes perfect!

Singing bowls are known for their healing effects. It is seen that the physical vibration of the sound waves in a bowl can relax our cells and massage them as well, when that bowl is placed on our body. The regulation of energy and massaging of the cells and organs help to achieve the healing effect. Bowls produce sounds that affect the brain waves positively and enhance the relaxing and healing power. It brings a sense of calmness to the nervous system.

It is to be noted that a trained practitioner can take the bowl to a whole new level. They can make the bowl to radiate strong sounds and “tonal” vibrations which re then transferred through the bowl to anyone who is near them. This process allows regaining the perfect, healthy “vibratory frequencies” in the body. Aum is the frequency to which the bowl works more effectively. This is the vibrational arrangement that portrays the nature in its true form. People use this sound in meditation and keep their body auras in alignment as well.

I don’t think this article is enough to showcase what I have learned about the spiritual and healing sounds in my classes. They are so versatile and creative that one can spend a lifetime learning them.

The major advantages of Tibetan Singing Bowls are as follows:
• Decrease in the levels of stress and anxiety
• Reduces the feelings of anger and high blood pressure
• Enhance blood circulation to all the vital organs and regulates the blood flow
• Develop a sense of relaxation and reduces the feelings of pain
• Maintain and enhance the body auras and Chakras
• Enhances mental stability and emotional intelligibility
• Enhances satisfaction, gratitude and wellbeing.
• Elevate the effectiveness of the immune system.
• Helps the immune system and fibromyalgia in healing and meditation

I am a believer in the healing powers of the singing bowls and I hope after trying it, you will be too. To book a session, choose one of our Energy Healing Treatments that already include vibration therapy, such as Reiki Healing or Chakra Balancing.

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