Make your perfume last longer

Ask any perfume lover and they’ll tell you some perfumes seem to stay put for hours while others are gone as soon as you spray them.

The scent of an eau de parfum can last up to six hours while an eau de toilette and eau de cologne can wear off after two hours. This is because perfume oils and perfumes with a high concentration of essential oils last longer than diluted fragrances.

But having your fragrance smell as fresh at 6pm as it did at 9am has little to do with luck or what you do in between those hours. There are secrets you can employ to leave you smelling sweet all day long.

Prepare your skin
It sounds simple but perfumes last longer on clean, dry skin. If you apply a body cream in the morning, make sure it has been totally absorbed by your skin before spritzing your perfume. If your skin is naturally very oily or you perspire a lot, your fragrance may not stand the test of time. Try solid perfumes instead.

Layer up with lotions
Fragrance should be applied to dry skin but perfumes stick better to well-moisturised areas. You can make perfume last longer with a matching body lotion or shower gel.

Points of interest
You’ll get more wear from your perfume if you apply it to several areas of your body. Your neck and the insides of your wrists are the most common places but don’t forget about the backs of your knees, your inner elbows and even your cleavage. These spots tend to be warmer than the rest of your body, which means they’ll encourage your perfume to release its scent. You can even scent your hair too! Spray perfume onto your hairbrush then evenly distribute it through your hair.

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