Is Your Massage Experience Worth it

I could have called this article “How To Tell if Your Massage Therapist is Any Good”, because it all boils down to the same thing. The rest of what you will read here will elaborate on the massage procedure led by an experienced and skilled massage therapist.

About Your Massage
The experience you’ve booked for yourself is supposed to be soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating. Naturally there are different techniques, each with its own special aim. Nevertheless, all of them will focus on relaxation and stimulating your body’s natural healing power. That being said, we’re sure you’d like some questions answered. Let’s take a look at some of the most common:

Before The Massage
A skilled massage therapist will take a few minutes before the session begins to get to know you. You’ll be asked about your current state of health and whether you want to achieve any specific goals. In some cases these goals amount to effective stress relief, while at other times your massage therapist will be able to target specific problem areas such as digestive anomalies, muscle spasms, chronic aches and pains, etc. Be sure to be open and upfront about why you are there – it’s your session, so make it count.

Next up, what will the session entail? Will you have to shed your clothes? What oils will be used? A skilled therapist will sit you down and take you through the procedure from beginning to end.

Clothed or Naked?
In terms of clothing, your therapist should give you the choice to remain either fully clothed or to remove your clothes. Should you choose the latter, you’ll be covered with a sheet or towel, with only the body part being worked on exposed at the time. A professional therapist (whether male or female) will grant you your privacy while you undress, so be sure to keep that in mind when the time comes.

Massage Oils
Some like the sweet smell of jasmine, others like the scent of cajeput. As the purpose of a massage is to help you relax, you should also be given your choice in oils to best achieve said purpose. These oils are used to minimise the amount of friction between the hands of your therapist and your skin.

Make a note to ask your therapist which oils will be used and, should you not like any of them, whether you can bring your own – do this before you arrive for the session.

The Procedure

And just before you’re about to begin, any therapist worth his or her salt will take the time to explain everything in detail. This is to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises and to further enhance your comfort.

When It’s Time
As you lie there on the massage table, you might be entertained with some soft, relaxing music while the lights are dimmed or candles flicker their hypnotic dance. You’ll drift into a different world while your body is rejuvenated. Sounds almost like a dream; perhaps somewhat romantic. Always remember, while all these elements of the massage experience have been put in place to ensure you get your money’s worth, you should always have the choice to choose those that will make you feel most at ease.

After the Massage
Your therapist should take the time to explain which muscles he or she worked on, what you should expect in the followind days and give you after care instructions that will help improve your mobility and well-being. In many cases your therapist will recommend follow up sessions for achieving your desired results.

The Relationship With Your Therapist
Didn’t quite think you should have a relationship with your therapist, did you? Well, you should – a relationship based on trust. Seeing as the experience will be of an intimate nature, always ensure that the therapist you choose is someone you can trust and, equally important, someone you will be able to communicate with. This will make for a wonderful and truly relaxing experience capable of providing you with a whole range of benefits.

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