How to make your manicure last longer

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Your professional Manicures & Pedicures will last longer if you look after your hands between treatments by giving yourself regular mini-mani’s at home. But don’t think you need hours of time and lots of equipment. Here’s five easy steps to keep your fingers looking good between visits from our team at Sydney Mobile Therapies.

Clean: Start by removing any old nail polish, then soak your hands in warm water. Use a scrub (the one you use on your body is fine) on dead surface skin and rough patches, and a nail brush to clean your nails, including underneath.

Dry: Dry your nails carefully with a soft towel. It’s important to make sure your hands are completely dry and all remnants of the scrub have been washed away before you move non to the next step.

Cuticles: Push back your cuticles using a cuticle oil and stick – be careful not to push them back too far. If you don’t have cuticle oil, an inexpensive alternative is baby oil, which will be gentle on stubborn cuticles.

File: File your nails into a short, neat shape. Keeping them short avoids the drama of breakages or your nails catching on stockings or clothing. Next, smooth away any surface grooves with a buffer.

Polish: Finally, apply two coats of your favourite polish… pink is the hot shade right now. Also remember to keep your hands soft and smooth by regularly using hand cream. Keep one on your bedside table, one on your desk and one in the car so you’ll always be ready should you have a spare 30 seconds.

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