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What a Girl Wants - 40 minutes

Price: $65.00
Treatment Summary
What a Girl Wants - 40 minutes

Why choose one treatment when you can have two? With our popular What a Girl Wants package, you and each of your girlfriends get to pick two of your favourite treatments for a total of 40 minutes of pamper-heaven.

Simply choose from the list of seven massage and beauty treatments below and we will ensure that you all get what you want!

Back Neck, Shoulder and scalp Massage 20mins
This deeply restorative, feel-good massage loosens nasty knots in the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders and the soothing scalp massage sends heavenly tingles down the spine!

SMT Signature Foot Bath 20mins
Soothe and improve fatigued feet and lethargic legs with a warm, aromatic foot bath, rich microdermabrasion scrub, invigorating massage, and therapeutic reflexology. A mini-makeover for your pins!

La Clinica Facial 20mins (Premium skincare is used)
A personalised facial to suit your particular skincare needs, complete with stimulating and oxygenating massage, deeply penetrating mask, and of course cleansing, toning and moisturising. Bring on the compliments!

Manicure 20mins
Your hands will thank you for this 20 minute manicure guaranteed to give you that perfectly polished look. Nails are shaped, buffed and polished, cuticles are pushed and hands are treated to a luxurious massage.

Pedicure 20mins
Feet are transformed in this 20 minute pedicure – after a soothing soak in a foot bath, feet are exfoliated and massaged and nails are filed, buffed and polished to perfection.

Hand and Arm Massage 20mins
A thoroughly smoothing exfoliation precedes a divine massage and a soothing hot towel compress in this indulgent treatment.

Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Hydrating Massage 20mins
The first step to a full-body make-over – the body is given a top-to-toe exfoliation with a dry body brush to rid it of dead skin cells and is then treated to a deeply nourishing and hydrating massage to soothe, smooth and improve both body and mind.

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Treatment Details

What a Girl Wants - 40 minutes

What do girls really want? Love being spoilt perhaps? We hear you! Get your friends together, have some wine, celebrate a special event or simply catch up, whilst we spoil you all. 

Choose any 2 of the below mini treatments. Each guest will have a total of 40mins pampering time.

Back Neck, Shoulder and scalp Massage  
What a girl does not want is tight knots of pain in her upper back, shoulders and neck but that is often where we store our stress and frustrations – yes, us girls sometimes really do carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. In this sigh-inducing, ‘I want this every day’ massage performed on a massage bed, our therapists will work on those problem areas to loosen those nasty knots as you feel the tension melt away. 

SMT Signature Foot bath
Legs and feet are the workhorse of our bodies – they get us from place to place and physically work harder than any other part of the body. It’s time lethargic legs and fatigued feet were treated to our indulgent SMT Signature Foot bath. Feet are first soaked in a warm aromatic foot bath, before both legs and feet are exfoliated with a smoothing micro-dermabrasion scrub rich in beneficial plant extracts and pure essential oils. Finally, a soothing foot and leg massage and therapeutic reflexology will leave you with feather-like feet and perfect pins that are free from aches and pains.

La Clinica Facial
Your therapist will tailor a facial to the needs of your skin type using spa-quality natural and organic products by leading Australian-made skincare brand La Clinica. Skin is cleansed and toned before being treated to a specialised facial massage to stimulate and oxygenate it. A personalised mask deeply penetrates the skin for the most beneficial results and the facial ends with the application of a hydrating moisturiser. Skin will be left looking rejuvenated and glowing with health.

For some women, a manicure is a necessity rather than a luxury, probably because, like our faces, our hands are always on show. Our popular manicure will leave you with hands that looked polished and beg to be held. Nails are shaped, buffed and polished to perfection and cuticles are expertly pushed to ensure optimum health and to give them a good tidy. Hands are also treated to a restorative massage so that they both look and feel good.

Running around all day in torturous heels, exposing them to the elements in poorly designed thongs, dancing ‘til they ache - our poor feet are subjected to daily battering so treat them to a mini version of our toe-tally soothing, smoothing and improving pedicure. After being soaked in a wonderfully soothing foot bath, feet are exfoliated to remove dry skin and calluses and then given a relaxing foot massage. Nails are filed, buffed and polished. The result? Tired and maltreated tootsies are given a new lease of life.

Hand & Arm Massage
Pamper and perfect your hands and arms and people will notice – after all, they are almost always on display. This indulgent treatment starts with a gentle but thorough exfoliation to rid the skin of dead cells and restore its glow. A sumptuous hand and arm massage follows and the treatment ends with a soothing hot towel compress.

Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Hydrating Massage
This is the perfect treatment to pick before a big event, a holiday or a spray tan to give your body a full makeover. A top-to-toe dry exfoliation or dry body brush will rid the skin of dead cells, revealing glowing, healthy skin underneath. The body is then treated to a massage with deeply nourishing products to hydrate, stimulate circulation and relax both body and mind. Just what a girl wants.   

Sydney Mobile Therapies offer luxurious treatments rivaling those of the most expensive spas, in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Girls love our pamper parties! This is why we are becoming so popular for hen nights, birthday parties or as part of a special occassion.

What is included in the VIP Pamper Party Package?

- A pamper gift pack containing skincare products in a beautiful little bag for each one of your guests who choose to upgrade.

- For the hostess: a Photo DVD that you can play on your DVD player plus a photo CD containing high-resolution, print-ready photos of your special pamper-packed day. Just make sure you smile for the camera :) 

Min 4 VIP guests


Customer Reviews

best present ever!
5 of 5 Stars
by Olivia
For my birthday this year, my mum treated me, my three sisters, our 2 sister-in-laws, and herself to the What a Girl Wants pamper party. It was beyond fun! We got to catch up with each others lives all while being treated to a wonderful break from kids, jobs and the like. I did a massage and pedi and my whole body felt refreshed. Talking about making this a regular get-together :)..
Great party!
5 of 5 Stars
by Vicky Baldwin
Fantastic Experience. Picture 10 girls, a few bottles of wine, relaxing music, massage, manicures, facials - need I say more? We had a fab time and celebrated my 30th birthday in style! Big thanks must go to the amazing therapists who were so flexible, they put up with us laughing and chatting the entire time and made the party so great. I will definately recommend you to all my friends!..
loved it all
5 of 5 Stars
by Gretchen
I organized this party package for my best friend's hen party -- so perfect! We all loved it and had a top rate time. The package has everything: massages, facials, mani/pedi and more. It worked out really well that everyone got to pick and choose exactly what they wanted. The therapists were great and very friendly but still so professional!..

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