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Spoilt For Choice - 60 minutes

Price: $85.00
Treatment Summary
Spoilt For Choice - 60 minutes

Spoilt For Choice is our second most popular Hens Night Package, especially when upgraded to a VIP Party

Not celebrating a hens night? Picture this: Next time you're free you could clean the kitchen, weed the garden, watch tv, do some filing, or you get your closest friends together, open the bubbly and relax while top therapists pamper you top-to-toe with your choice of 3 amazing treatments for a pampering sensation lasting an entire hour each! It’s not exactly a hard choice. The only difficulty will be deciding which 3 heavenly treatments to indulge in...

Choose any 3 of the below mini treatments, each guest will have a total of 60 minutes pampering time.

Back Neck Shoulder and scalp Massage  20mins
Loosen up those muscles in the areas we most feel pain – the back, neck and shoulders – and sigh with pleasure as our therapists massage the sensitive scalp.

SMT Signature Foot Bath 20mins
Indulge your feet and legs with a warm, bubbly foot bath, smoothing exfoliation, relaxing massage and therapeutic reflexology.

La Clinica Facial 20mins (la Clinica premium skincare used)
Pick our personalised facial and wait for the compliments to roll in. After a cleanse and tone, your therapist will perform a stimulating and oxygenating massage before a face mask suited to your skin type is applied and left to deeply penetrate the dermis. Finally, a hydrating moisturiser is gently massaged into the skin.

Manicure 20mins
Spruce up your pinkies with our magnificent manicure – nails are filed, buffed and polished with your choice of colour and hands are treated to an indulgent and luxurious massage.

Pedicure 20mins
Feet are given the pampering they deserve in this mini-pedi. After feet are soaked in a foot bath, fully exfoliated and luxuriously massaged, nails are filed, buffed and polished for a perfect finish.

Hand & Arm Massage 20mins
Tired, aching hands and arms are given a new lease of life with this treatment that manages to be relaxing and invigorating at once. Hands and arms are exfoliated for a silky smooth finish, before being treated to a soothing hot towel compress and a relaxing massage.

Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Hydrating Massage 20mins
Feel brand new with a full body dry exfoliation to reveal glowing skin and a deeply hydrating, soothing massage.

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Treatment Details

Spoilt For Choice - 60 minutes

Does a total body exfoliation, followed by a delicious back massage, luxurious facial, and a magnificent manicure or a pedicure sound like heaven? Believe us, it is! Spoilt For Choice is an amazing package designed to indulge and enjoy 3 of our signature treatments for pampering session that lasts an entire hour!

Choose any 3 of the treatments below:

Back Neck Shoulder and scalp Massage  
Do you have niggling pain in your upper back, shoulders or neck? You’re not alone as those areas are where we tend to store our stress and frustrations. In this amazingly therapeutic, pain-relieving, stress-reducing, sigh-inducing massage performed on a massage bed, our therapists will work on those problem areas to loosen nasty knots as you feel the tension melt away.

SMT Signature Foot Bath
We put our feet through daily torture so it’s about time our lethargic legs and fatigued feet were treated to a indulgent pampering session. Feet are soaked in a warm aromatic foot bath, then both legs and feet are exfoliated with a scrub rich in beneficial plant extracts and pure essential oils. Finally, a revitalising massage and therapeutic reflexology will leave you with feather-like feet and lovely legs.

La Clinica Facial
Your therapist will diagnose your skincare needs and tailor a facial accordingly, with the aid of premium products developed with natural and organic ingredients by top Australian-made skincare brand La Clinica. Skin is cleansed and toned before being treated to a specialised facial massage that stimulates circulation, firms and oxygenates. A personalised mask packed full of nutrients penetrates the skin for the most beneficial results and the therapist ends the facial by gently massaging in a deeply hydrating moisturiser. Skin is left rejuvenated and glowing with health.

For hands that looked polished, professional and elegant, a manicure is a must and puts the finishing touch to your look. Although this min-mani is only 20 minutes long it is every bit as indulgent and the results will blow you away. Nails are shaped, buffed and polished to perfection and cuticles are expertly treated to promote healthy nail growth and ensure an impeccable finish. A restorative massage adds the feel-good factor to this magical manicure.

Women are always on the go and our poor feet bear the brunt of it. The least we can do after subjecting them to daily battering is to treat our tootsies to a mini version of our toe-tally soothing, smoothing and improving pedicure. After a soak in a soothing foot bath, feet are exfoliated to leave them smooth as silk and then given a relaxing and reviving massage. Nails are filed, buffed and polished for a perfect finish.

Hand & Arm Massage
Show your arms and hands the respect they deserve by treating them to a 20 minute full-on pampering session. This luxurious treatment begins with an exfoliation to rid the hands and arms of dead cells for smooth and glowing skin. A comforting hand and arm massage follows and the treatment ends with a soothing hot towel compress.

Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Hydrating Massage
Attending a big event, going on holiday, getting a spray tan or simply feeling grey and lacklustre? This is the perfect treatment as it gives your body a full makeover. A top-to-toe dry exfoliation or  body brush will rid the skin of nasty dead cells that make you look under the weather, revealing glowing, healthy skin underneath. The body is then treated to a massage that deeply nourishes, hydrates, stimulates circulation and relaxes both body and mind.

What is included in The VIP Pamper Party Package?

- an amazing pamper pack containing a range of goodies, including shower & bath foam, hand & body lotion, nourishing shampoo and conditioning milk, plus a gorgeous beauty bag.

- the hostess will receive a Photo DVD that you can play on your DVD player plus a photo CD containing high-resolution, print-ready photos of your special pamper-packed day. Just make sure you smile for the camera :) 

Min 4 VIP guests



Customer Reviews

couldn't have been better
5 of 5 Stars
by Kate
Unbelievably amazing!! Recently organised a hen party with several girlfriends. We decided to upgrade to VIP which was soo worth it! Everyone had a fab time and we loved that sydney mobile therapies let us pick and choose our treatments. I choose 2 of the massages and the facial - loved it! Our therapists were super friendly and put all of us girls completely at ease. Can\'t wait for another friend to get married just to have another pamper party ;)..
More relaxed than at a spa
5 of 5 Stars
by Kate Harris
I wanted to thank you so much for a fun filled pamper party that we enjoyed so much! I\'ve always wanted to try a pamper party and what a fantastic idea it turned out to be as the evening went so well. It was great that everyone could still pick the treatments they wanted and the whole setup was very professional. Best of all, we could all be in the same room at home - so much more relaxed and fun! Hats off to our amazing therapists who made us all feel comfortable and got our party going with a bang! I would definitely recommend having a pamper party with Sydney mobile therapies. All the girls who had treatments said afterwards how wonderful it was and how relaxed they felt during and after the treatments...
nothing is better!!
5 of 5 Stars
by Gemma
Oh my goodness. There cant be anything more pampering than this package! My girlfriends and I got together for my hen party and I just cant say how much we enjoyed our pampering! We all had a hard time choosing between everything but everyone was so happy! We chose the VIP package that included delicious chocolates, a heap of beauty products and the CD. Incredible value for 10 bucks! The therapists were amazing, the music and scents really set the mood and we all had a wonderful time. Thank you!..

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