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Melting Moments - 90 mins

Price: $139.00
Treatment Summary
Melting Moments - 90 mins

This is our most popular package, and for good reason – Feel the tension melt away in this blissfully de-stressing package that focuses on relaxing the mind and body inside and out so that you not only feel great, you look great too! During your melting moments enjoy our De-stressing Massage which includes a full-body exfoliation and Relaxation Massage. Our Fresh Start Facial will relax the mind, the body and the skin for a restored, refreshed and revived you.

Treatment includes:

De-stressing Massage (60 mins)
A dry full-body exfoliation with a lightly textured cloth will gently eradicate dead skin cells to leave your entire body silky smooth. Our Relaxing Massage using a specialised blend of essential oils then not only replenishes the skin but eases tight muscles, stimulates blood flow, encourages the removal of toxins and calms the mind.

Fresh Start Facial (30 mins)
Just as stress affects the body, it also manifests itself in the delicate skin of the face – that washed-out, grey-looking complexion you see in the mirror each morning is caused by stress and exhaustion. Including a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, deeply penetrating mask, specialised massage and hydration with products rich in rejuvenating, brightening ingredients, our Fresh Start facial restores life to worn-out skin.

Don’t let life get you down – look after your frazzled body and mind with our relaxing and restorative Melting Moments package to avoid a melt-down and ensure tension melts away.

Customer Reviews

I melted.
5 of 5 Stars
by Vicki
Really, nothing could be more relaxing!! The exfoliation and facial left me glowing. My boyfriend actually kept asking me what was so different! I felt like the massage melted all my stress away. I could do this every week!..
thanks mum!
5 of 5 Stars
by Paige
after coming home from university, my mum treated me to this spa package! came home & they were all set up - total surprise! i absolutely loved everything about melting moments :) after so much school, i felt worn down and always exhausted and after the spa treatments, i felt totally refreshed. thanks mum & thanks sydney mobile!!..
5 of 5 Stars
by Rachael Stott
I could not recommend this treatment more. I felt like I was in a day spa, being taken care of by the very best, except I was in my own living room. The therapist's skills were second to none, the music and essential oils were relaxing and the products used on my face were of an exceptionally high quality. With service and treatments of this high standard available at home at such an affordable price, I won't be going to the salon again. Do yourself a favour and book a treatment yourself.....
Out of this world!!
5 of 5 Stars
by Dani
This package is amazing. I literally melt during the massage & exfoliation & I can feel my stress melting away as well! At just 90 minutes for a massage + facial, it's quite easy to fit into my schedule every week or so. For the top notch service and glowing skin afterward, you can't beat the price..

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