Beauty Facials and what to expect

Face Massage

Anyone who has had one will tell you how relaxing a facial can be – not the mention the amazing skin benefits you’ll see. But if you’ve never had one before it can be difficult to know what to expect at your treatment. We’ve put together this easy guide for you so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Before you make your booking

Make sure you know exactly what you want your facial to achieve. Do you want it to target that breakout on your chin? The fine lines around your eyes? Or the general texture and clarity of your skin?

Wrinkles & how to prevent them

Preventing Wrinkles

Wrinkles are every woman’s worst enemy. Those horrible lines that criss-cross our faces may tell the story of our past but they also reveal just how much past we have! However, there are ways to combat wrinkles that don’t involve a trip to the plastic surgeon or the age-old trick of taping your skin back at night (which really doesn’t work, trust me!).

Moisturising, avoiding over-exposure to sunlight, eating healthily and quitting smoking obviously all helps but we don’t expect you to leave a monastic life.

How to prepare your skin for waxing

Professional Leg Waxing

Getting your legs or bikini line waxed isn’t as simple as just letting your hair grow long enough and then calling for your next appointment! You could do that but to reduce pain or those nasty ingrown hairs, there are a few things you can do before your next appointment to make things more comfortable for both you and your therapist.

Don’t leave too long between appointments
You should allow between three and four weeks between waxes. Hair should be at least ½ centimetre long for the wax to be work effectively.

Make your perfume last longer

Ask any perfume lover and they’ll tell you some perfumes seem to stay put for hours while others are gone as soon as you spray them.

The scent of an eau de parfum can last up to six hours while an eau de toilette and eau de cologne can wear off after two hours. This is because perfume oils and perfumes with a high concentration of essential oils last longer than diluted fragrances.

Tips for young looking eyes

You can turn back the clock just by taking care of the skin around your eyes. Here’s how.

Hydrating eye products are a popular category of creams and gels and will address any dehydration or fine lines around your eyes. They’re a good choice for those who want to use an eye cream but don’t have specific issues such as dark circles or puffiness to address.

Increasing Employee Productivity: The Corporate Massage

The name Corporate Massage is pretty self-explanatory. However the practice behind it is one you may have heard of, but not experienced just yet. It is based on a technique called “Amna” which is widely practised by the Japanese and has its roots in China. More recently, however, it has made its way to the West, more specifically Silicone Valley in the United States. From there it blossomed outward and is rapidly gaining ground in the corporate arena; not only does it destress the body, but it also refreshes the mind in a period of time shorter than the average lunch break.

Look Beautiful Feel Great The Natural Way

Have you been following our Natural Beauty tips & tricks? Looking for more? So are we – we’ll jump right in to give you some more natural, essential and effective tips for pampering yourself at home or even at the office.

Vitamin A & C
You are what you eat, they say. Be sure to get plenty of foods with Vitamin A (such as carrots) and Vitamin C (such as tomatoes and oranges. Do note that when it comes to oranges, most of the Vitamin C is contained in the white skin of the orange. Use a potato peeler to remove the tough orange upper layer).

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

It’s beautiful – a stage in the life of most women that redefines them, changing their purpose to giver of life and guardian. Pregnancy is not only the act of carrying another life inside you for nine months, but also the fulfillment of a purpose. However, as rewarding an experience as it no doubt is, it has to be said that it is also physically and emotionally taxing.

One of the most prominent aspects of pregnancy is the physical changes that occur, and the resulting physical duress. The joints, organs and muscles are put under increased strain – the body has to compensate for two lives now and therefore increases the appetite and blood volume.

Choosing Your Massage Therapist

Choosing a massage therapist is like choosing any other health care professional. You want someone who is credible and who has a high level of knowledge and competency. A fully qualified massage therapist should have completed an Accredited Massage Therapy Course, and be registered with an Australian Professional Association such as ATMS. An accredited massage therapy course not only teaches the different massage techniques, but also gives the massage therapist a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In addition, your massage therapist should have completed a first aid course and have liability insurance, thus offering additional layers of protection to his clients.

Massage Therapy and Your Health

Massage therapy is a practice that dates back thousands of years as a physical non-chemical medicine, used as a primary or secondary method of treatment for dysfunction, and to promote wellness in a healthy individual. Hippocrates detailed how a physician could give a therapeutic massage to help a patient’s overall health. Thousands years later we all know he was correct, because today massage therapists are in high demand and there is a great need for this type of therapy.

Everyone has more or less experienced the benefits of massage therapy in our everyday life. Have you ever felt the discomfort of a pulled muscle or strained back?