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The Red Carpet - 45 minutes

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Treatment Summary
The Red Carpet - 45 minutes

What girl doesn’t like to receive a little more for her money? The red carpet offers it all, in 45 decadent minutes of pure pampering. Each guest will enjoy a soothing and smoothing footbath extravaganza with soak, exfoliation and massage, and one of our luxurious holistic body massages of your choice that will leave you feeling relaxed and exhilarated.

The red carpet is ideal as a Hens Pamper Party. On top of a day of pampering with your closest friends, you will all take home a few little treats and a CD of photos so that you can remember this gloriously girly day forever.

Each guest will be pampered for 45 minutes

This VIP package includes:

  • One holistic massage treatment per person: you’ll be spoilt for choice with a list that includes therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage, all time favourite Swedish Massage, restorative Remedial Massage and stress-busting Relaxation Massage.
  • Aromatic lavender footbath massage: 15 minutes of toe-tingling bliss begins with a skin softening soak in our warm foot bath, followed by a luxurious exfoliating massage and ending with a reviving foot massage with a peppermint moisturiser.
  • Pamper packs: Each guest receives an amazing cosmetics bag bursting with products. A nourishing shampoo, a conditioning milk, a hand cream, bath & shower gel, a body scrub, a luxurious bath soap and a beautiful beauty bag are all included!.
  • A free Photo DVD & CD: The hostess receives a Photo DVD that you can play on your DVD player plus a photo CD containing high-resolution, print-ready photos of your special pamper-packed day. (Min 4 guests)
  • Plus: Your therapists will come armed with incense, candles, aromatherapy oils and burners – everything needed to transform your home into a top spa for the day.

Treatment Details

The Red Carpet - 45 minutes

The red carpet is a wonderful option to relax and be pampered in many ways. Extraordinary Sensations is not just a party package, its a surprise because we have put together some special treats for you! If you are looking for something special choose our this package and let us pamper you the Sydney Mobile Therapies way!

The red carpet includes:

One 30 minute holistic treatment per person
Choose between the following fabulous holistic body massages:

  • Aromatherapy Massage – whether you want to relax, re-energise or lift your mood, your therapist will choose an appropriate essential oil with which to massage you back to vitality.
  • Swedish Massage – the perfect treatment if you are new to massage, Swedish Massage relaxes, eases muscle tension and promotes physical and mental health.
  • Remedial Massage – transform your tired, aching, drooping body into one that is  mobile, good-postured and vitalised. A Remedial Massage provides restorative, therapeutic relief from pain by utilising trigger-point therapy, specialised pressure techniques and passive joint stretching.
  • Relaxation Massage – tension and stress begone! The essential oils and deeply soothing, calming and relaxing massage techniques in the Relaxation Massage will harmonise both body and mind.  

Aromatic Lavender Footbath Massage
15 minutes of pure and unadulterated bliss for your feet. A sumptuous soak in a warm footbath softens feet in preparation for a luxurious exfoliating massage to rid your tootsies of dry skin and calluses, before the ultimate in soothing and reviving foot massages with our natural, aromatic peppermint foot moisturiser.

Pamper Packs
Each guest will receive a fabulous travel bag bursting with products. A nourishing shampoo, a conditioning milk, a hand cream, bath & shower gel, a luxurious bath soap and a beautiful beauty bag are all included!. .

Photo DVD & CD
Take those precious memories home with you and cherish them forever with an amazing Photo DVD that you can play on your DVD player plus a CD of photos from your special pamper-packed day. All photos are high-resolution so they are ready to print, frame and giggle over.
Just make sure you smile for the camera :)  (min 4 VIP guests)

Plus: your therapists will come armed with incense, candles, aromatherapy oils and burners – everything needed to transform your home into a top spa for the day.

Customer Reviews

1 of 5 Stars
by Ajmal
Because massage is such a hands on<a href=\\\"\\\"> ceraer</a>, you\\\'re not going to find an accredited massage school online. It may be possible to do prerequisites, such as Anatomy and Physiology, studying meridians and points, memorizing bones, musles, tendons, origins, insertion points, etc, etc, at home, but quite frankly I wouldn\\\'t trust any school that tells you it can pass you and certify you online. I also wouldn\\\'t be interested in coming to you as a client, if that\\\'s how you were to get your CMT. At most schools, it\\\'s a year program somewhere between 500-600 hours. And most states will require AT LEAST that many hours to certify you or to honor your certification if you\\\'ve gotten it in another state. I\\\'ll be very blunt: I understand about having two kids, and not being able to afford to travel to go to school. Were it any other field, except for physical therapy, medicine or pharmacy, I\\\'d have no problem with you going to school almost completely online. Massage MUST be practiced on people to be learned. Period. And for you to look to circumvent this is just not ethical, nor will it make you a good therapist in any way, shape, or form. Period...
3 of 5 Stars
by Margau
How about this one:If you want to be with people who are most calpbae of loving you, only spend time with people who show the signs that they love themselves. Making those observations and letting them guide your decisions (especially about romantic relationships) is part and parcel of loving yourself. ..
2 of 5 Stars
by Alondra
There are some pretty sharp pelpoe at Forever 21. On Black Friday, this was one of the few retailers with a line out the door and there was not any coupon being handed out. Those Limited boys are connected politically and fairly active in DC so I am guessing they are lending a hand or cross marketing. How can Forever 21 they make that darling a-line sequin dress my daugter purchased for $10? Very impressive group..
4 of 5 Stars
by Elena
I love that you\\\'ve laid out that organizing alwlos you to make room for hospitality. Spending time with special people doesn\\\'t require fancy decorating or new furniture. Simple tools, like a trash bag for dontation items, and simple but fresh bedding can make all the difference. Here\\\'s to happy holidays!..

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