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Pure Serenity Pregnancy Massage - 75 mins

Price: $115.00
Treatment Summary
Pure Serenity Pregnancy Massage - 75 mins

Sleep is essential to your mental and physical health and never more so than when you’re pregnant. However, stress, aches and pains, stiff joints and swollen limbs do not make for a good night’s sleep, no matter how exhausted you may feel. Our pure serenity gentle pregnancy massage is designed to induce feelings of calm and ease physical stressors in order to deeply relax both body and mind.

What happens during this massage?

A 15 minute soothing foot massage with our refreshing peppermint foot balm will leave your tired tootsies feeling minty fresh, restored and revived. This is followed by a gentle 60 minute full-body massage using our specialised pregnancy massage oil blend, focusing on your neck, back, legs and bump and including a sigh-inducing, feel-good hand and scalp massage.

What are the benefits?

Swelling, muscle aches and anxiety are all reduced, leaving you with increased flexibility, an energy uplift, and all-round wellbeing.Sleep will come more easily to your worry-free, ache-free body and as a result you will feel revitalised and ready for anything! As a bonus, our specialised deeply nourishing and restorative massage oil will work hard to prevent stretch marks and maintain skin elasticity.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep and the peace of mind that both you and your baby are benefitting from a calmer, happier you!


Pure Serenity Pregnancy Massage - 75 mins

Customer Reviews

loved the massage!
5 of 5 Stars
by Kathryn
During my pregnancy, I had a lot of trouble sleeping as my tummy grew and the aches and pains became worse. My feet in particular were feeling tired and sore constantly. The Sleep Tight massage felt wonderful during and really delivered great results! My body felt more at-ease and well-rested. I finally got a good night's sleep after and scheduled several more sessions throughout my pregnancy. You can't go wrong!....
slept like a baby
5 of 5 Stars
by Stef
Oh my. once i became quite large a few months in, this first-time mum could not get a good nights sleep for anything. a dear friend of mine passed along sydney mobile\'s website to me and thank god for that! literally felt like i was melting during my the best way possible! i kid you not, that very night, i got the best night of sleep i had gotten in weeks! thank you yiota!..

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