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Postnatal Massage - 60 mins

Price: $95.00
Treatment Summary
Postnatal Massage - 60 mins

Help your body to recover from the trauma both pregnancy and labour places on it and allow yourself a little time to de-stress and chill out during this emotionally and physically demanding period of your life. Being mum to a newborn is truly a wonderful, precious time in a woman’s life but every new mum needs to take some time out now and then to focus on her needs. Give yourself a break and allow our therapists to massage away your aches and pains, cares and stresses so that you can be the best mum possible.

What happens during this massage?
Using our special postnatal massage oil rich in soothing, smoothing and firming properties, your therapist will focus on those areas of most concern to new mums. Specialised massage techniques work to reduce muscular aches and pains in the lower back, neck and shoulders, as well as wrist and forearm pain from carrying your baby. Sweeping lymphatic strokes stimulate the circulatory systems to drain toxins and excess fluid from your legs, ankles and feet and stiff joints are loosened for greater mobility and flexibility.

What are the benefits?
After giving birth, your body will be in recovery for months to come and as the mother of a newborn, you will be tired, tense and in need of some serious me-time. TheTraditional Postnatal Massage aims to soothe both the body and the mind to help you feel on top of the world and ready for anything!Our massage techniques stimulate the blood and lymphatic systems to aid inner health and rid the body of toxins and fluid retention, and work out nasty knots of pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Our powerfully restorative massage oil, containing in its blend precious skin-rejuvenating Rosehip Oil amongst others, helps to reduce stretch marks and strengthen skin elasticity.

Aid your physical and emotional recovery from pregnancy and labour and give yourself a much-needed and well-deserved break with our relaxing, relieving and rejuvenating Traditional Postnatal Massage.

Treatment Details

Postnatal Massage - 60 mins

However natural and common having a baby may be, both pregnancy and labour are traumatic events for your body. Childbirth pushes a woman’s body to its very limits and it needs to be taken care of in the months following labour. Postnatal massage aids both physical and emotional recovery, treating the aches and pains which arise as the body realigns its centre of gravity, strengthening the skin’s elasticity, minimising stretch marks, easing tension and aiding sleep.

Postnatal massage has many important benefits:

  • Supportsthe immune system-repairing hormones first released during labour.
  • Stimulates the blood and lymphatic systems to encourage toxins and excess fluids to leave the body, thereby reducing swelling.
  • Eases muscular tenderness, aches and pains from pregnancy, labour, and carrying your baby.
  • Soothes postpartum headaches common in the first few weeks following labour.
  • timulates the release of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, which in turn helps to prevent postpartum depression, aids sleep and relaxes the body and mind.
  • Prevents and minimises stretch marks and strengthens skin elasticity to restore firmness.
  • Supports the healing of the scar made by a Caesarian Section birth.

Our therapists are trained and certified in prenatal and postnatal massage so you know you’re in safe hands. They know which areas to avoid, what type of techniques to use and have deep knowledge of the anatomy of a pregnant woman as well as all possible contraindications so you can be assured that you will stay comfortable and safe throughout the treatment.


Postnatal Massage Contraindications

Postnatal massage is extremely beneficial in aiding the body’s recovery following pregnancy and childbirth, as well relieving the strains continued to be placed on it by nursing a newborn. All our postnatal treatments have been specifically created for new mums and we have done our upmost to ensure safety is the primary consideration. However, as with all massage forms, postnatal massage does have contraindications and these are listed below. In some cases, clients may just need a note from their GP or the therapist might be able to adapt the treatment. If you are at all uncertain please do not hesitate to contact us or consult your GP.

•    Difficult pregnancy and/or labour
•    Hypertension
•    Diabetes
•    Cancer
•    Cardiac disorders
•    Haemophilia
•    Fever
•    Epilepsy
•    Fever
•    Broken bones
•    Deep Vein Thrombosis
•    Infectious skin conditions

Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars
by Melanie H.
After a very difficult labor, my body was absolutely drained for weeks to follow. My first postnatal massage was the greatest relief I had felt in ages! My body was less swollen and nearly ache-free afterwards! I have several more scheduled in the upcoming weeks and am already looking forward to them! If you\'re a new mum, this massage is worth it. We so deserve it!..
5 of 5 Stars
by Rachel
SO FAB! Everything my body needed after giving birth to TWINS! My therapist was amazing and totally put me at ease. I never would have thought of a wrist massage or even realized how much the postnatal massage would help my tired body and my achy wrists/arms but after the massage, I felt 110% better! pure bliss and a treatment that every new mum should have. Highly recommended..

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