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Happy Feet - 30 mins

Price: $45.00
Treatment Summary
Happy Feet - 30 mins

Hot, tired, sore feet, swollen ankles, and puffy, heavy legs come with the territory if you’re an expectant or new mum but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence. Our divineleg and foottreatment works miracles to leave your legs and feet refreshed, revived and rejuvenated. A soothing and skin-softening foot bath, stimulating exfoliation and invigorating massage with our zingy peppermint foot balm will make you want to hop, skip and jump!

What is included in this package?
A warm, aromatic foot bath will soothe and soften the feet in preparation for a gently exfoliating foot and leg massage, followed by an invigorating massage with our signature peppermint foot balm.

What are the benefits?
The foot bath will soften hard skin and the exfoliation will eliminate dead cells to leave skin silky-smooth and glowing with health. However, the real benefits will be in the way you feel. Both the massage and the exfoliation will stimulate the circulation to encourage the elimination of toxins and excess fluids, reducing swelling and puffiness. The soothing massage will help to reduce cramping, loosen tight, painful muscles and increase mobility and the peppermint foot balm will leave legs, ankles and feet feeling cool, refreshed and with renewed energy.

For happy feet and dancing legs our mini leg, ankle and foot massage is the right step forward!

Customer Reviews

add this to anything!
5 of 5 Stars
by Holly
I added this little treatment to the postnatal massage and loved it! Totally brought the postnatal massage to a whole other level. My feet felt like brand new feet. I can see how it could be added to any massage treatment to make it even better. Happy feet indeed!..

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