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Brand New Mum - 90 mins

Price: $135.00
Treatment Summary
Brand New Mum - 90 mins

This package is all about soothing the minds and bodies of hard-working new mums. Our blissfully relaxing, therapeutic Postnatal Massage will ease aches and pains, reduce any swelling, minimise stretch marks and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin and the luxurious hand and arm treatment soothes and revives aching arms and sore wrists. No feel-good treatment is complete without a tootsy-perfecting pedicure, especially when it includes a foot bath, exfoliation, polish and massage!

What is included in this package?
The 45 minute Traditional Postnatal Massage works on the areas which new mums tend to feel most discomfort, namely the lower and upper back, neck, shoulders and legs. Our therapists use our fabulous La Clinica massage oil developed specifically for mums-to-be and new mums to minimise stretch marks and preserve and strengthen skin elasticity for a firmer you. The 15 minute hand and arm treatment has been created to ease aches and pains associated with holding your baby to nurse. The hands and lower arms are exfoliated before being treated to a sensationally soothing hot towel compress and lastly a blissfully therapeutic massage. Our 30 minute pedicure not only makes your feet look fabulous, they’ll feel fabulous too. After being soothed in a warm, aromatic foot bath, they are exfoliated and massagedbefore attention turns to the nails which are filed, buffed and polished to perfection.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of the Traditional Postnatal Massage are manifold – muscular aches and pains are combated, postnatal headaches are eased, swelling in the legs is reduced, joint stiffness lessened for increased mobility, stretch marks are minimised and skin elasticity strengthened. Tendonitis and similar strains, aches and pains in the arms and wrists from carrying your new little bundle of joy are tended to in the hand and arm treatment and your fatigued feet will look gorgeous and feel refreshed and revived following our pedicure.

Give your mind and body a mini-break with our soothing package and you’ll return to your baby a new, refreshed mummy ready to tackle anything! 

Customer Reviews

absolute bliss!
5 of 5 Stars
by Linda
Oh my goodness, talk about head to toe bliss! This package really blew me away. I hadn't even realized how tired some of my muscles were until they felt 110% better after the massage (achy wrists, who knew?). The pedicure and foot bath were really the icing on the cake- nothing makes me feel immediately better than cute little pedicured toes! I recommended this to all my new-mum friends!..

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