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Driving Your Business

What Drives Your Employees will Drive Your Business

Abraham Maslow, the father of Modern Management Psychology delved into the human persona to find out the answer to the question you are currently asking: “What drives people?” What will drive your employees to perform better, work harder, and be genuinely excited about working towards your company’s success?

According to Maslow’s research, people are driven by needs which start at the most basic such as food, clothing and shelter, and move up to more sophisticated needs, such as self-actualization. And just as people feel hunger for food, they also experience the same kind of pressure to meet their higher needs.

This gives us an insight as to why not all incentives work. While cash incentives help employees pay for their basic needs, they do not help employees fulfill their higher needs. A successful employee rewards program therefore, should provide incentives that help them fulfill their other needs, such as the need to belonging, to be esteemed, and to achieve. 

How can you make your people happy and make your business happy as well?
A truly successful employee incentive program should yield two results:

  • Improve personal performance
  • Affect organizational performance

Employee incentives should not just make employees happy so that they will perform better. It should not only motivate them to reach a target salary or a revered position in the company. Instead, it should make them happy in such a way that they will be genuinely motivated to work hard for the company’s success.

In other words, a true reward will make your employees care about your company’s success. For this to happen, there should be an emotional connection between personal achievement and organizational success. 
And the secret to translating your employee’s happiness and contentment into actual sales for your business is to make employees feel that their role in your company is also helping them fulfill their personal needs.